Clean your relational house

Clean Your Relational House for the New Year

Each year many of us come up with resolutions that we believe will change our lives forever. The most popular resolutions are a better diet or exercise, quitting smoking, or changing some other unwanted behavior. Often times our efforts fail despite our best intentions. This year why not try cleaning house. I am not talking about your attic or living room although I favor that too. There is nothing that saps one’s energy more than clutter, excessive useless stuff that gets in the way of living. Getting rid of that stuff will make you feel better.

But why not clean your relational house too? Decide to devote your energies to the people in your lives that matter to you the most and let go of those relationships that are out of balance for you.  And strive to create better “give-and-take” in all of your relationships. We all have relationships that take more than they give.  If these are family responsibilities then there is not much you can do about it.  We are obliged to take care of our own. But most of us also have people in our lives that are there just because they happen to be there and we’d rather not spend time with them.  So why do we do it? Because we’ve always done it. Be more intentional this year and reach out to those you want to be around and avoid the ones you don’t.  It is a simple plan, but difficult to execute if you don’t make a concerted effort.  But if you do it you’ll have a much higher quality of life. And your chosen friends will be glad you did too.


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