Are you living by your principles?

The happiest people tend to be people who have a coherent set of principles and are living up to their own standards.  This is true because finding meaning in life is one of the pillars of authentic happiness.  So, if you want to be in the happiness club, decide what you believe in and live your life to reflect those principles.

Of course this is easier said than done and it takes a lot of work.  Sometimes finding a coach like me can be helpful in that regard.  Or, utilize friends, teachers, or colleagues to help you engage in a values clarification journey and an improvement plan.  I’d suggest that you not engage your family of origin in this process if you believe there may be some interpersonal conflicts with them because that could create more tension than you need.

Learn how to live by your principles with courage and you will be glad you did and the world will be better because of it.


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