Existential anxiety and guilt

If I choose to take on a responsibility I am making a decision to do a particular something, which necessarily means that I will not have time to do something else.  The feeling I have when I am presented with competing choice options is called existential anxiety.  The feeling I have when I am confronted with the effect of my decision is called existential guilt.  Every decision in life means that we are deciding to do one thing and not another because time and energy are finite.  Doing everything is not possible.

But many of us are uneasy with the freedom we apply to make conscious choices  that we believe are in our best interest.  Sometimes we hedge our bets by attempting to leave one foot in each door of the choice options and we end not doing either action well.  We have too much anxiety and guilt.

Other times we cop-out and blame others for the anxiety or guilt we feel.  Blame partners come in handy that way.  Blame allows us to avoid responsibility for our own decisions by playing the martyr.

Use your freedom wisely. Do the things you want to do and do them well.


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  1. If only more people could read about this!


  2. Thanks for reading.


  3. If only more than 63 people could hear about this.


  4. You have done it once more. Incredible post!


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