Play to your strengths

Happy people are doing the things in their lives that allow them to play to their strengths.  Each of us has talents and weaknesses.  But for a lot of reasons many people are not doing the things in their day-to-day lives that reflect their talents, but instead they are playing to their weaknesses, and thus leading an unhappy life.

This is a key focus of the search for happiness.  Happiness coaches help people discover their signature strengths and encourage them to tap into the courage that it takes to make the life changes that are needed to become more in line with their talents.

But there is another important factor.  All of us have strengths, areas in which we excel, that are not energizing for us.  We may be good at them but we don’t like to do them.  So, putting a finer point on a life plan involves discovering the signature strengths that are also energizing for you and designing an intentional life that is based on those core, energizing talents.


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