Believe in something

Today we celebrate Memorial Day.  This is of course an inappropriate way to describe what is a somber holiday dedicated to the remembrance of those that have fallen in military service for our country.  I have had the great honor of being able to work with military service members, their families, and the staff that work with them for these past two years.  It has been a privilege to try to help them a little bit as they do their jobs.

The most impressive aspect of being around military people for me is their sense of mission and duty.  These people believe in something.  Sure, there are some that are there purely because of practical or other reasons, and in the past because they were drafted to service.  But the vast majority of service members, especially today, are there because they belive in their country and the values it represents.  This is very inspiring.

If not for people who believed in something the world would be entirely nihilist and narcissistic.  Indeed some are arguing that we are heading in that direction.  My opinion is that we are at a tipping point.

So, my advice to readers is to find something that you can believe in and do it with all your might.  Not only will you feel better about yourself but you will be making a better world.  This is not new or earth-shattering advice but it bears repeating often and especially on Memorial Day.


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