Adopting common sense wisdom in an intentional life

The wisdom of the ages refers to the notion that there are several key cross-cultural virtues that all societies share.  These habits of living produce happy lives wherever they are practiced and no matter how they are presented.  All societies have dark elements that get in the way of individuals achieving the full expression of these virtues but society also creates positive social vehicles for their expression thereof.  More often, individuals are their own worst enemies, blocking their own creativity and choice because of shame or neurosis.

A fulfilled life is an intentional life.  The happy person is aware of his interdependence with his community and the opportunities it presents, adds positive energy to it, but does not let himself become entrapped by the darkness.  Darkness usually comes in the form of narcissism, dependency, or attempts to control.  So, people must make deliberate choices in order to experience the full breadth of humanity without getting out of balance.  My hope is to join you as a positive community partner on that choice journey.


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