Common sense wisdom

I have been using the phrase, common sense wisdom, to describe my ideas.  My hope is that readers will accept the ideas in the humble way that I strive to present them, with my belief that there are no new good ideas, only recirculations and repackaging of the wisdom of the ages.  As a discoverer and a synthesizer trying to make a living, my job is to find good ideas and create connections between them that make sense in the search for a happy and productive life.  I claim no superior intelligence or better access to wisdom.  I am merely spending more time on the discovery, synthesis and delivery system.

My belief is that people are attracted to ideas that are accessible to them for snapshot moments in time and they strive to incorporate them when the ideas fit with their own synthesis.  So, these humble offerings come in the spirit of sharing the wealth of community wisdom and hoping that any of it fits for a particular reader.  I believe in sowing seeds.


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