We live in a complicated world that seems to be getting more complex by the day.  A lot of us feel overwhelmed by all of the choices and stimuli that bombard our senses every day.  While we say we love choice, many of us have difficulty with it and in turn take on too much stuff and engage in too many activities.  It can lead to a sense of helplessness.

I recommend that people engage in a weekly ritual of deconstruction in order to simplify their lives and be happier.  Take some time every week to clean out your psychological house from excess worry, negativity, or guilt.  Make physical changes to simplify your home and office.  And be sure that you are dedicating your energies to the people who matter to you by doing a relational inventory.  Most of us are responding to squeaky wheels rather than prioritizing healthy relationships.

If you engage in this ritual every week you will find that you can clean out a lot of the mess and leave more energy for happiness.


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