Life isn’t always fair

These are some clarifying thoughts from my wife Karen.


We learn in childhood that life isn’t always fair. Whether it’s in school or at home, this lesson is delivered over and over again.

It occurred to me this morning that the difference between a person who might be labeled a Progressive or Democrat vs. the Conservative or Republican, is how the person reacts to that fact.  Some accept it and some never do.

Those who try to change the fact and want to balance everything equally would be a Progressive and those who say it is what is and work hard to improve their own lives are conservative.  That’s not to say that a Conservative wouldn’t help someone who had a loss or is suffering under the “unfair” rule but they accept that fact of life and realize it can never be balanced and equal.  Progressives may think that they can change it or at least work very hard to change it.  Of course they are often frustrated.

Trying to make things fair and equal seems admirable but we know probably impossible because although “all men are created equal” we know that is not quite true.  I always feel like it is two different parenting styles in government.  Making things better for our “kids” so they don’t suffer, vs. doing what’s best for the “kids” even if it is tough medicine to take.


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