Is our country gone?

Barack Obama continues to gain over Governor Romney in national polls. To a lot of us out here in the hinterlands it looks like another ominous sign that the United States may be slipping away as a Constitutional Republic. Not that we believe Governor Romney is a great candidate or even someone that does justice to our great heritage, but we know President Obama is the antithesis of what makes us who we are or used to be. Barack Obama does not believe in liberty.

So here we are watching our country make the final transition from a place where people could make their own destinies to a place where our lives will be managed to the lowest common denominator. Fairness is winning the battle with freedom. The tyranny of the majority is winning. Marx will have been proven right.

What can we do?

I say we organize under a discrete set of American principles for one last gasp against tyranny. Make 2013 a revolutionary year. Are you with me?


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  1. Posted by ___j___ on October 12, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    Who cares about the national polls? Those are only important if you believe the will of the mob ought to determine the direction of the country. Consider the intelligence of the average person in the USA. Now ponder the fact that *half* the people are dumber than that! (with thanks to george carlin for the punchline) Since we are still in fact structured as a federal republic, at least until the NPVIC scheme takes that away from us… although not without a fight… we must turn our attention to the swing-states that actually decide the presidency. NH is one.

    Apparently Mitt did well in the first debate. (I didn’t watch — no Gary Johnson.)
    Polls before the debate showed Mitt with a percentage-deficit like this in swing-states:

    … mitt needs: NC+1 FL-1 CO-2 VA-2 IA-3 NV-4 [down by 12 pts total]
    … obama can have: OH-5 NH-5 WI-6 [way up]

    With that exact final score, both would get 269, and the repub Haus would crown Mitt. Obviously, his biggest trouble is the 18 ecVotes in Ohio; he needs to make that repub!
    After the debate, Mitt got a considerable boost in many states, and now has this layout:

    … mitt needs: NC+2 CO+1up FL-1 OH-1up [better… down by 4 pts total now]
    … tiebreaker: WI-2up
    … cannot effect outcome at present: NH-1up
    … obama can have: VA-3 IA-3 NV-4 [worse… up by far less now]

    Sorry about that, NH. These things tend to change, though, and nothing should be taken for granted. Remember in 2000, when Nader cost Gore the state of FL… but if Gore had carried NH, he still would have beaten Bush, despite FL? (Some say that Nader also cost Gore the state of NH though.) 2012 is shaping up to be a tight race, even though Mitt is still fighting an uphill battle. Consider the scenario where Mitt loses Wisconsin, but is able to win Iowa. In that scenario, if Mitt wins NH he gets first place, but if he does not, then it’s a tie between Mitt and Obama. Which means Mitt would be crowned in the Haus.

    But… what if just one faithless elector were to cast their electoral college ballot for Ron Paul?? Alternatively, what if Obama wins part of Nebraska, or Gary Johnson wins part of Maine? Any of those outcomes would make 2012 a repeat of 2000, in a sense, with the winner of NH also winning the presidency.

    Mitt seems to have achieved a big boost in his polls among Ohio voters with his debate performance, and remained strong in FL NC CO. The only question is whether Paul Ryan R-WI is going to be able to wow the home folks against Biden. Polls in the next few days will tell the story for the likely trend in Wisconsin, plus update our other swing-states.

    But speaking of third-party candidates that cause trouble for the dominant parties… Virgil Goode seems likely to get at least 5% in his home state of VA, and might conceivably do well in the border state of NC (though I’ve seen no polls for his popularity there). Gary Johnson is polling at 10% in Ohio, and seems to be pulling more from Mitt than he is from Obama… unlike Gary in Colorado, where he pulls about equally from both of the dominant-party nominees.

    Mitt’s performance in converting Ohio voters to the repub column might be thwarted by the Gary Johnson voters… poetic justice, perhaps, considering that the only reason Gary ran on the libertarian ticket this year was because establishment-repubs like Mitt kept him out of the repub-primary debates in 2011, on the flimsy basis of last-minute rule-changes and technicalities.


  2. Posted by ___j___ on October 12, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    Actually, though, I see your larger point. If *that* many people are willing to actively say that they support Obama to some pollster, let alone vote for him again, is our country gone? Did the predictions of Marx turn out to be correct, that communism *is* the destiny of all people, sooner or later in their history? Say it ain’t so!

    Our rights as a Constitutional Republic *have* been slipping away. Not in the last four years only, not in the last forty years since LBJ, not in the last eighty years since FDR, not in the last hundred years since the creation of the Fed and the imposition of the income tax. Ben Franklin warned us well and truly. Our republic has been slipping away from the moment it was made, and arguably, long before that. How could a republic support slavery of some citizens, when it simultaneously claims to support life & liberty as inherent natural rights?

    Well, it cannot. It did not. We turned to Lincoln, the founder of the Republican Party, the man who more than any other we credit with putting slavery to an end, although even today we have race-based quotas and racist citizens and other utterly unfair difficulties. The contradictions of slavery versus liberty & justice were nearly the downfall of our republic, long ago. Now we have a similar problem, the contradictions of bribery (of politicians by lobbyists but also of voters by their candidates!) and corruption (amongst politicians and lobbyists but also of the voting system itself), again placed against liberty & justice. Here is what Honest Abe had to say on the subject, back in June of 1858, mildly rewritten for today.

    ‘A house divided against itself cannot stand.’ I believe this party cannot endure permanently half-elite and half-grassroots. I do not expect the party to be dissolved; I do not expect the house to fall; but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing, or all the other. Either the opponents of top-down control will arrest the further spread of it, and place it where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction, or its advocates will push it forward till it shall become alike the law in all the states, large as well as small, liberal as well conservative.

    He won the presidency two years later, and ended slavery four years after that. The trouble we have in the national polls is quite simple: Romney ain’t no-way-no-how close to Honest Abe. Sure, nobody reading this is likely foolish enough to believe Obama is some sort of Lincoln, either, although he has the gall to make the comparison himself. But I disagree that Obama is the antithesis of mom and apple pie. Obama is not that bad. He’s pretty much like Romney.

    Romney and Obama are so similar that it makes my teeth ache when people say how great he is compared to Obama, and how bad Obama is compared to Mitt. Both of them are warmongers; where is George no-foreign-entanglements Washington when we need him? Both of them are deficit-lovers and bank bailout mavens — where is Thomas ever-the-enemy-of-the-banks Jefferson when we need him? Both of them ignore the Constitution when they wish — where is James constitution Madison when we need him? Both of them lie through their teeth… where is Honest Abe Lincoln? Cause boy do we need him!

    We *are* going to get somebody bad. Not this election, in 2012 — because as bad as they are, Obama and Romney don’t hold a candle to Chairman Mao. Maybe not in 2016, or even 2020… but sometime very soon, some new clone of Hitler or Huey Long will arise, and remember — both of them were elected! That day must never come here. Technology at our disposal today will make a police-state possible that Stalin would have found utterly amazing. Should we fail in our goal to once again make liberty & justice for all the centerpiece of our system of government, to restore the republic that protects and preserves the Constitution, to fail to honor our founding documents which spell out our inherent rights to life, liberty, property, privacy, and the pursuit of happiness… should we fail, the chance may not come again. There is no wild frontier to escape to; seasteading and spacefaring is not yet a practical reality, and never will be, unless we unleash free enterprise on those problems. We must save our system, very soon, or we are likely going to experience another dark age, so long and terrible it may never end.

    We must not go quietly into that dark night. We must not let the torch of freedom go out. The statue of liberty is bowing under the pressure, and struggling not to submit. Let us come to her aid, my friends, and beat back the forces of darkness. Free minds and free markets!

    As for 2013, I suggest we figure out what principles are worth dying for, and write them down. We have the party platform for the Republicans, and the party platform for the Libertarians. The trouble is, the Libertarians cannot win elections (due to the math of a voting-system without independence of clones that tends to lead inexorably to favorite betrayal aka voting for the lesser of two evils). The other trouble is, the Republicans who become the nominees won’t *follow* what the platform clearly says. Libertarians and liberty-leaning Republicans need to join forces, and take the republican-party-primaries of 2014 and 2016 through superior organization and superior numbers. That way we can get nominees that can both win elections, and then actually follow the platform. The question is, how? For starters…

    We need to organize people to stop fraud at the polls. We need to organize people to block-walk in the 2014 primaries… starting in December 2012! We don’t have the cash hordes of the establishment republicans, so we have to do it the hard way. I suggest we combine all these tasks (to include hammering out our platform and getting liberty-candidates to win) into one particular form. We again must look to the days of Lincoln for our inspiration. Most of the grassroots support for the anti-slavery faction of the Republican-fka-Whig Party in the 1850s was centered around a group of cape-wearing heros, the Wide-Awakes. Here is their mission:

    1. To act as a political police. [what happened in Tampa at the natcon, as well as in various state-cons and district-cons such as Oklahoma and Louisiana and Illinois and Georgia and many other places, happened because the convention-chair or the committee-chair broke their own rules… the main goal of the Wide-Awakes was to keep the establishment from cheating.]
    2. To do escort duty to all prominent Republican speakers who visit our place to address our citizens. [there were sometimes fist-fights, and often veggie-chucking… but consider the Ron Paul campaign, which hired bodyguards for $75/hr rather than take federal monies in the form of a secret-service detail… except for his top lawyer, that was the biggest salary-expense on his FEC forms, and most liberty-candidates cannot afford to spend cash on bodyguards vs banners.]
    3. To attend all public meetings in a body and see that order is kept and that the speaker and meeting is not disturbed. [ron paul supporters are just as guilty of this… and in some cases more guilty… we need an official organization, with uniforms, that keeps people from rudely shouting at speakers they disagree with, no matter which side the hecklers are on. Also see number one, about keeping order by making sure the rules are followed. Perhaps most important, in at least one state convention, and one district convention, there is evidence that establishment-repubs held up the credentials process so they could bring in more people through the side door, and only allowed the meetings to proceed once they could win.]
    4. To attend the polls and see that justice is done to every legal voter. [election fraud is the most serious job of the wide-awakes… see also number one.]
    5. To conduct themselves in such a manner as to induce all Republicans to join them. [see also number three, and perhaps even more crucially, number six.]
    6. To be a body joined together in large numbers to work for the good of the Republican Ticket. [in other words, to perform the usual grassroots tasks — block walking, parading, making signs, registering voters, making calls, and all the usual tasks campaigns require.]

    I suggest we re-constitute the Wide-Awakes. I suggest we do it right now, while people are still interested in the elections. I suggest we start holding meetings, to hammer out a platform. I suggest we start vetting liberty-candidates, and figuring out which republican primaries they should try to win in 2014.

    Then, we should start having parades. With capes. And with torches. And with music. And with chutzpah. We should hand out campaign literature, and popularize our unified-liberty-platform. We should register voters. We should train people in how to attend their local precinct, county, district, and state conventions, in every state, starting now — in advance. We should help people understand that voting in the primaries and attending their conventions is the only way they’ll have a shot at seeing a liberty-candidate on the ballot in November 2014 and 2016.

    I suggest we enjoy ourselves, while we do it.

    Last but not least, after Mitt loses the 2012 election, and the establishment-repubs squander all their time trying to blame pauliticians for their failure, I suggest in the 2014 elections we win landslides, and in 2016 we win every single primary for a liberty-president, and then absolutely crush Hillary free-broadband-for-everybody Clinton in the general election.

    How’s that for an action-plan?


  3. I like it. After the election I am going to get busy revising Discovering Possibility.


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