Is anybody really making or doing anything?

OK, so I was offered a job today, a real job with salary and benefits and all that. I won’t get into the reasons and rationale that I accepted it. But it came with a tight time-frame and about 50 forms to fill out and a whole host of procedural gobbledegook. What a nightmare. I found myself thinking about how over-organized and over-regulated we have become, how much we have come to accept that craziness like this is the norm, how sheep-like we have become. In order to get a job we are willing to sacrifice any semblance of freedom. How did this happen? I think I know but I am interested in your thoughts too.

The preponderance of jobs today in this over-industrialized society seem to be less about people making things we want or need and more about servicing the ever-growing artificial economy. Is anybody making anything anymore? I wonder.


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  1. Posted by Ken Turner on December 31, 2012 at 1:55 pm

    In some areas no!! Wall Street used to invest in companies that produced things, or municipalities to fund their projects! Not anymore!! No they invest in derivatives, credit default swaps, and other exotic “Las Vegas style” investments! The only thing they create is recessions!!!


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