Common Sense is radical when conventional wisdom is psychotic

The title says it all. Perhaps this will be the title of my next book.

People make the mistake of believing that common sense is referring to a mushy middle philosophy that everyone knows to be true and can be accepted by an independent majority. Not true. When conventional wisdom is based on denial or false narratives, common sense is radical. The introduction of truth creates the opportunity for a thought revolution.

In my opinion, this is the situation in which we find ourselves today. The United States is a broke nation that can’t afford anything but we are living in denial-land. Our welfare-warfare state is doomed. Eventually, we are going to need to rediscover sound money and personal responsibility, but the deniers and the short-term thinkers will fight to continue the false narratives that form conventional wisdom. Common sense is a radical change philosophy.

Think Thomas Paine. His version of common sense had nothing to do with the conventional wisdom of the day. Most colonists would have continued on with their daily lives as English citizens. Paine convinced people that they had a right to be more free and more prosperous. He helped them see that they were living under tyranny. The rest is history.

So, don’t make the mistake of seeing common sense as watered down ideology. When conventional wisdom is crazy and people realize there is a better option, common sense has an opening. There will be a large opening in 2016. Stay tuned.



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