My vision for 2013

I am largely still on target with respect to the American restoration plan I outlined in my book, Discovering Possibility: A Common Sense Conservative Manifesto (For Classical Liberals Too). I underestimated how ruthless Obama would be in being willing to sacrifice the health of the country to win voters. It is going to take more time to defeat him and the philosophy he purports. If Romney would have won we would have gone to sleep. That is why I endorsed Gary Johnson for President. The Obama win allows us to be more revolutionary, although we may have some different ideas about what that means. I believe our best friend is continued economic and moral degradation and our ability to correctly blame that on statism. The only real way to reverse course is to cut off the money supply. If we cannot or will not do that intentionally, it will happen naturally. The gig is almost up.

I learned a lot about liberty this year that I plan to incorporate into my next book. But mostly I believe we should speak out boldly (as columnist Ross Douthat did ) about the relationship between liberal policies and the declining physical, moral, and spiritual health of the nation. That is what animates me to do what I do. We need to continue to make the case to enlightened thinkers that progressivism itself is iatrogenic to community health and well being.

Ron Paul’s farewell speech outlined the philosophical underpinnings for the continuing liberty revolution. We learned yesterday that Paul plans to stay involved as a revolutionary outside of Congress. Rand Paul and others will lead the reformation within the Republican Party. States’ governors and legislatures will lead the decentralization movement, holding the line on federal expansion. The Tea Party Movement will be reignited as an authentic libertarian expression, thus taking to the streets and ejecting the Teavangelicals and various politicos that clouded the movement. Talk radio heads will become more friendly with the libertarians and the enemy of the Republican establishment. Grass roots libertarian conservatism will grow exponentially.

That’s my vision and I am sticking with it. In addition to writing a new book and blogging, I plan to put together a series of interviews and conversations about socio-politics and community health on our television show in early 2013. This is going to be a very interesting year.


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