It’s official: Americans are idiots

Just a few weeks after President Obama was reelected, his approval ratings are skyrocketing. According to Rasmussen Reports, fifty-seven percent of Americans now approve of the President’s performance. Before the election, the President’s approval rating had been hovering in the high forty-percent range. Apparently, many Americans reacted to his victory by concluding that if he won he must be good.

At the same time, Rasmussen is also reporting that the number of Americans who consider themselves fiscal conservatives has reached a new low point – or at least since Rasmussen has been surveying that identity. Only thirty-seven percent of Americans now consider themselves fiscal conservatives.

Do you think these two trends are related?

Yes, it is now official, Americans are idiots. The dumbing down of the country has been successful.



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  1. Posted by Jordan on January 31, 2013 at 7:35 am

    What does it mean to be fiscaly conservative to you?
    What timeline is considered when deciding on fiscal conservation?


    • We have a century long slide into oblivion because we have adopted a failed model. Obama is merely the most illustrative example of the psychosis that keeps us in denial. Bush, then Obama had a chance to reverse course in 2008/09 but they blew it. There is still a chance today. Will we have the courage to do it? I doubt it because we are a bunch of scared slobs on the dole.


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