It’s official: Americans are still stupid

According to a Gallup poll released on February 11, Americans give President Obama low approval ratings on all but one of nine critical issues affecting the nation. Despite the fact that the world is on fire, 53 percent of Americans approve of President Obama’s handling of national defense. Go figure that one. On the two most important issues affecting the nation, the economy and the federal budget deficit, less than forty percent of Americans approve of his performance. Yet, in this same Gallup poll, the President’s overall approval came in at fifty-one percent! Say what? If you don’t approve of his performance on nine critical issues how can his overall approval be over fifty percent? Are you rating how he walks or how his suits look on national television? Wake up my fellow citizens. This gentleman is a bad President with a bad plan for America. You seem to know that based on how you rate his performance on issues, but you can’t get yourself to fully acknowledge the obvious when you are asked to judge his overall performance. That doesn’t make any sense.



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