Americans lack the guts needed to save the economy

Despite the sobering reality that the national debt is over 16 trillion and the future unfunded liabilities are over 80 trillion, a plurality of Americans polled want more spending. This is from a Politico piece that appeared this morning:

“Asked which approach they think will grow the economy, 49 percent of Americans chose increasing government investment in education and alternative energy. Only 44 percent said they preferred slashing spending and cutting business taxes. Americans do narrowly disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy, and have an overwhelmingly negative opinion about his handling of the federal deficit — only 35 percent approve, and 55 percent disapprove. But majorities approve of his foreign policy and his efforts to combat terrorism.”

Note to my fellow citizens: You can’t cut the deficit without cutting the deficit!

President Obama knows that many Americans are either uninformed, not too bright, or they lack the courage to make hard choices. So, he is exploiting those factors to expand the state through more taxation. Instead of inspiring them and providing a reassuring presence he is exploiting their cowardice and stupidity. Is this what a President should be doing? Only if he is a manipulative coward himself.



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  1. Posted by Thomas M Kervick JR. on March 21, 2014 at 8:53 pm

    hi Tom Kervick many people do not look at the lies that are bringing this country down . We need to cut the deficit as Dr. Benjamin Carson said ” you do not need to be a rocket sciencists.”


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