Discovering Possibility: The Revolution for Virtue and Common Sense

The title above is also the title of my book in process. This morning before I awoke I envisioned the way I want the book to be organized.

Thomas Paine was a revolutionary via pamphleteer. His pamphlets, including the most famous, Common Sense, were the engine of the American Revolution. They were constructed on printing presses and distributed to the colonists by hand.

The modern-day printing press is the internet and it has already proven to be a revolutionary vehicle. The modern-day pamphlet is the blog.

I decided to construct my book as a series of blogs and social media posts I have written or will write in the future. This makes sense to me as a way to honor Thomas Paine, one of my heroes, and also the most concise and efficient way to get my message out to the public. I hope you will come along with me on my journey to discover possibilities for the future.

This is the beginning of the prelude to Discovering Possibility: The Revolution for Virtue and Common Sense.

The revolution for virtue and common sense is on. It started in 2013. It is a non-violent popular uprising to beat back the oligarchy that currently controls the United States of America. The battle lines are drawn. We are a coalition of Americans that have come together because we have the same goal and the same enemy. We wish to unseat the ruling class that controls the United States. When we have accomplished that task, we will be in a position to rebuild the American community around its founding ideals. It is going to happen quickly because the people are stirred.


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