Take action to gain a sense of control

Of all the articles I have written on Examiner, this is the one that received the most visibility. Alex Jones called me out indirectly on his show and criticized Petersen with a vengeance. I believe the article speaks to an important issue affecting the liberty community, the tendency for some people to engage in conspiratorial thinking and that there may be some actors feeding the paranoia. I have been an outspoken critic of such abuses.

At the same time, I believe some of our national leaders including President Obama, are feeding resentment and paranoia in our vulnerable people by failing to reflect their anxieties. To make matters worse, ridicule is a prime political tactic of the Obama left, which leaves people feeling angry and even more powerless.

Virtually all of the major conspiracies reflect a loss of control, or the sense that in a rapidly evolving world, things are spiraling in the wrong direction and there is nothing one can do about it. It is not a stretch for people to conclude that things are spiraling out of control because nefarious people want it that way. To make matters worse, we have a corporate media complex that has become entirely untrustworthy. They lie and they are biased. They neglect important stories and they cover crap. We have the NSA that has now admitted they are spying on virtually everyone. We have the internet that gives people access to a plethora of information that they would never have heard about in the past. This is a recipe for rampant fear.

In my teaching and my advocacy I am trying to reflect the anger and the insecurity that libertarians, civil liberties people, and conservatives are feeling, and indeed many people are feeling regardless of their political orientations. Additionally, I am trying to say that I believe there is something they can do about it.

First, they can get out of denial and get in the game. They can become citizen activists. They can speak out publicly when they disagree with something. They can engage in peaceful protest. They can withdraw consent. They can become conscientious objectors.

Each of these methods of empowerment has a rich history in democratic societies. I encourage people who are reading these words to get in the game and take action to gain a sense of control.


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