Saying goodbye to craft beer

I will be leaving the craft beer world in the Spring.

My son Brian has done a wonderful job building Craft Beer Cellar Nashua​ into the success it has become in a short period of time. He is ready to assume full operation of all facets of the store.  We will be hiring a part-time Beer Geek to take my place in the store. My wife Karen will continue to support the store with Brian. This change fulfills the plan we made when we formed Kervick Craft Consumables and signed the franchise agreement with the Craft Beer Cellar family last January. It has been an amazing year. I have a wonderful family and we love being a part of the Craft Beer Cellar community.

I need to get back to my coaching, teaching, and community building career which I had to put on hold to launch the store. At 54, I still have a contribution to make and income to earn. It is time. I will have some news on that new direction soon. Additionally, some of my passionate pursuits, my vocation if you will, may conflict with the store brand. I take responsibility for my actions and words and wish to be a congruent person, thus it makes sense to do one job or the other.

Finally, the craft beer world has been my wonderful hobby for 30 years. It has been non-stop fun and a great mindless distraction for me as I have gone about the very serious work of trying to change lives as a helping professional. But, alas, it is a young person’s game. I’m not young. I’m too old to party and too old to chase beer and beer stories anymore. I am officially passing the mantel to the young beer geeks to have as much fun as I did. It was an exciting 30 years.

The world is in a lot of trouble. I want to join forces with other problem-solvers as we create the future for the next generation. I will be working on my next book, Discovering Possibility: A Revolution for Virtue and Common Sense, and continuing to blog and agitate because I believe that is important. I hope to continue to work with many of you to rebuild the American Community. Thanks for the friendship and the energy. Let’s roll.


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