Discovering new directions

Today I wanted to share something personal.

If you ever envision starting a family business, do it. What a joy it has been to work as a team with my wife Karen and son Brian building our small craft beer business. We have confronted many unexpected challenges and had far more joys. Since we opened our store last June I have cleaned floors and bathrooms, soaked up spilled beers, moved a lot of cases, and faced a lot of beers. I have watched my son work with awe and pride. His memory for details and problem-solving skills are just amazing. I have seen my wife’s creativity and quality assurance capacities on full display. She has a great small business repertoire. Oh, yea she helps me dust too!

As Store Manager, Brian has done a wonderful job building Craft Beer Cellar Nashua into the success it has become in a short period of time. He is ready to assume full operation of all facets of the store. In April we will be hiring a part-time Beer Geek to take my place in the store. Karen will continue to support the store with Brian. This change fulfills the plan we made when we formed Kervick Craft Consumables LLC last January. It has been an incredible year. I have a wonderful family and we love being a part of the Craft Beer Cellar community.

I need to get back to my coaching, teaching, and community building career that I put on hold to launch the store. At 54, I still have a contribution to make. I will be taking a working sabbatical out west beginning next week, until at least Labor Day. The respite will give me time to rediscover the beauty of the natural world with a slower pace after working 80 hours per week for the past year. I will be writing a lot and preparing myself for my next adventure. I will be writing with a more personal tone, talking about some of my challenges and successes, what I have learned about life, and what I believe I have to offer to others.

Enjoying craft beer has been a wonderful hobby. It has been a great distraction for me as I have gone about the very serious work of trying to change lives as a helping professional. I am officially passing the mantel to the young beer geeks to have as much fun as I did and hopefully build productive careers at the same time. It has been an exciting 30 years since I tried my first Sam Adams Boston Lager in Connecticut and enjoyed hundreds of beer festivals and craft beer conversations with beer geeks from all around the world since then. Long live craft beer.

Stay tuned for new adventures. I enjoy sharing this journey with all of you.


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