Hillary Clinton: Poster person for the Progressive extortion racket

Hillary Clinton is merely the most successful government criminal to exploit the extortion racket that has become the norm in the 21`st Century. The Progressive Party (formerly the Democratic Party) is a criminal enterprise that extorts organizations and people for bribes, and launders money to government employees and other power players in the sleazy system. Here are a few quotes from well-known reformers that expose the corruption.

“Washington has morphed into an extortion racket, a place where members of the permanent political class threaten to inflict legislative and regulatory pain to extract campaign donations that they can then siphon into the pockets of themselves and their family members.” Peter Schweitzer (author of Clinton Cash, 2015)

Government is no longer a free association entered into to secure the best possible environment for success (for those willing to seek it). It is an association by force with rules dictated by an aristocracy of bureaucrats and functionaries empowered to do whatever it must to its’ citizens to ensure that government is forever expanding in size and reach.” Steve Mac Donald, Granite Grok

The system has been growing larger, and more corrupt, for a very long time. Power and money have been squirreled away in the dark corners of bureaucratic mazes for decades. The system can defend itself from assault. It has many private-sector supporters, who grow very wealthy by manipulating it. There are many people on the lower end of the income scale who consider themselves beneficiaries of the system’s generosity as well. They’re not much concerned with the problems encountered by other people, or worried about fiscal crises in the years to come. Rent-seeking business interests, plus dependent citizens eager to claim what they are “entitled” to, plus a political class that cloaks its greed in the language of compassion, plus a partisan media that loves the idea of the nation’s destiny being written right outside their office windows, make up a powerful political army. The original Tea Party revolutionaries knew they faced a formidable opponent. So do their namesakes. John Hayward, Red State

The only way to end the corruption racket is to start arresting the criminals. Conservative populists need to convene a massive physical presence in Washington D.C until people go to jail. We need to force the national media to expose the corruption. We need to oust the criminals in government, the permanent bureaucracy and their cronies in business. We need to elect patriots to office to restore faith in government. Let’s roll.


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