What happenned to the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform?

Remember this? The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform

The month was December, year 2010. There was bi-partisan support for dealing with the national debt and deficits and a real plan was put forward by a bipartisan group that President Obama had commissioned. The Tea Party Movement had raised awareness about spending and bailouts. The people were motivated to do something about the fiscal mess even if there was some pain involved. The national debt then was 13.8 trillion. What happened next?

Instead of seeking compromise, President Obama hired some new campaign staffers and went on a vicious attack, calling conservatives racists and greed-heads. Instead of appealing to our better angels and summoning shared sacrifice, the President appealed to resentment and envy.

At the same time, the President dramatically expanded the security state far beyond where President Bush had been and he started a campaign to go after whistle-blowers in his own administration. His Internal Revenue Service started an illegal campaign to target conservative groups that disagreed with him. In short, the President went on a scorched earth campaign instead of trying to find common ground with his political opponents.

In sociology we might say that the President had an opportunity to work within the structural-functional paradigm, but instead he went to the social-conflict (Marxist) paradigm.

Obama won the battle but the country lost.

Today the country is deeply divided ideologically and along gender, racial, and economic lines. The national debt is now 18 trillion and climbing. The FED continues to print money. The economy continues to be a disaster.

So, I ask you readers, why would you have any faith in a man that would sell out his country for an election? And why would you support a woman that wants to continue the same social conflict nightmare? The social conflict approach has failed miserably. Our country is in terrible shape. Let’s end this socialist nightmare


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