Liberty is essential but truth and common sense are more important

The people of the United States are suffering from a truth and common sense deficit.

I have enjoyed my exciting foray into the Liberty Community. My association with libertarians and Free Stater’s in New Hampshire has been fascinating and fruitful. My support for Ron Paul’s presidential aspirations and all that went along with that journey, from activism, to networking, to amateur journalism, brought me optimism and hope at a time when I needed it. Running for State Representative in Portsmouth as a Liberty Republican was a great learning experience, and I am proud to have done my part to fight for liberty in a political party that has all too often been for country clubs and crony capitalism. Most importantly, I am grateful that I was able to build a coalition of like-minded liberty revolutionaries in Portsmouth, New Hampshire called Seacoast Common Sense Community Builders. We did some amazing things in a short period of time. We fought for liberty ideals.

Now it is time to shift course back to the future. Liberty is obviously the most significant enlightenment value, because it is the starting point for everything. However, without truth and common sense, which is our ability to discern reality as critical thinkers, we can’t handle liberty. Liberty, without truth and common sense is a delusional nightmare scenario that destroys a civilization. We are heading in that direction, during what can only be characterized as a bizarre regression era for the United States.

My readers have probably noticed that I have shifted away from writing about liberty and toward a focus on societal regression. That shift is intentional because I am deeply concerned about where we are heading. We are living in a scary fantasy world that is dominated by liberal fascism in the form of political correctness. The thought police are getting more powerful. The libertines are getting louder.

We need to beat back the anti-social actors that make up the cultural crusaders on the libertine left. There will be intense push-back. The Marxist Revolutionaries are passionately committed to their mission. The social justice warriors are consumed with righteous indignation for their causes. Both groups are working together, and there is considerable overlap between them. There is a mutual exploitation alliance between the Democratic Party and these anti-social cultural crusaders.

Unfortunately, these are revolutionary times because the other side is committed. I take no solace in having written the following on Facebook. Apparently another even blunter post was removed.

Many Progressives are delusional. A few of their leaders are opportunistic sociopathic liars but the true believers in the trenches are just off-reality. It is a crazy that gets societal reinforcement as in the beliefs of a delusional cult. The masses need de-programming and that can only happen if we get control of the information centers – media, universities, entertainment. Destroying their gods would get the ball rolling.

We need a spiritual revival that will cut through their utopian delusion and back to the practical realism that undergirds western civilization. We desperately need a return to common sense. Each of us in the Conservative Movement needs to be a courageous ambassador for truth, because that is the path to common sense. The return to common sense is the only hope for restoring civilization.

I will continue writing, teaching, and doing other media in the hope that I can help others get in the fight for truth and common sense. This is our backlash. Please join me.

Liberty is essential, but truth and common sense are more important. Let’s roll.


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