Fiscal issues cannot be separated from social issues

Former New Hampshire Speaker of the House, William O’Brien, just said on Granite Grok that it is not possible to address fiscal issues without addressing the social problems of society. I believe Bill is correct. Furthermore, I believe this is a unifying issue between Conservatives and Progressives. Each group understands that fiscal remedies are in place to address social concerns. They disagree about the causes of social problems and the proposed remedies, but they agree that social problems create social remedies, and those remedies often cost taxpayers money.

In my common sense conservative opinion, we cannot curtail welfare spending without addressing fatherlessness, moral depravity, and the out of wedlock birth epidemic. We cannot create a less punitive criminal justice system without addressing the prime reasons for violent crime.

Police chiefs across the country are on the front lines in combating violent crime. They understand the crime problem. Listed below are the factors they have identified.

Top 10 Factors Identified as Contributing to Violent Crime.
1. Gangs 82 %
2. Juveniles / youth crime 80 %
3. Economy / poverty / unemployment 74 %
4. Impulsive violence / disrespect issues 74 %
5. Release of offenders from correctional institutions 69 %
6. Drugs-Cocaine 67 %
7. Poor parenting 63 %
8. Increased availability of guns 55 %
9. Reduced cooperation from witnesses / victims (not in top 10 last year) 37 %
10. Educational system-increasing dropout rates (not in top 10 last year) 36 %

I believe practical Democrats and Social Conservatives could work together to address the crime problem in the United States. It will take a community-centered, common sense approach. Resistance will come from libertarian libertines and social justice radicals, but it should not dissuade the common sense middle from working together to find solutions.


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  1. I agree. We must work together across party lines to find solutions that work for everyone.


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