I am African-American because I want to be (and it pays well)

There is a delicious and important story coming out of Eastern Washington State. A woman has decided that she is African-American even though her parents say she is white. Apparently she may have been lying for years in order to keep her job as an activist and college professor. She is the President of the NAACP in Eastern Washington.

black woman

I guess anybody can identify as anything and therefore make herself whatever they wish to be. Pick a gender, pick a race, pick a species, apparently. Every reality is up to the idiosyncratic construction of the individual. There is no physical reality about anything.

It would be tempting to say that this woman is mentally ill. I don’t think she is. I believe she is reflecting the postmodern sensibilities of our era. There is no truth and no reality. There are no limits and no boundaries on human expression.

Can we please finally reject this postmodern nonsense? We are embarrassing ourselves.


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