Rachel Dolezal: Just another Progressive scam artist

The phony African-American scandal is a major sociological issue, and one that could move perceptions.

To this writer, the Rachel Dolezal episode speaks to the utter depravity of the Progressive Movement. Liberal commentators and liberal psychologists are making some of the most bizarre statements in response to this revelation that I have ever heard. We really need to understand that many Progressives are so far down the ideological rabbit hole that the only way forward is further delusion. Surrendering their world-views would lead to a major psychological upheaval, and a dramatic disruption to their cash transfer schemes.

This is an evil woman who exploited our broken social, legal, and political systems to exploit false politically correct narratives, in order to enrich herself. This story is a microcosm of the national political correctness scam. This woman is the poster child for the fraudsters that make a living off of victim politics. Nobody was willing to speak out to stop her, even though many of them had to know she was a scam artist. They were enablers because she was rallying the troops and bringing them cash.

This is a story of deceit and delusion in a country that has lost all integrity and common sense.

It is time for change. The Progressive Movement is dead. Let’s use this moment to build a future guided by truth.


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