Talk Therapists for Common Sense

This is a new professional association for common sense conservative coaches and talk therapists. You read that correctly – a professional association for conservative helping professionals.

We support:
1. Applying critical thinking rather than political correctness or social justice in our work.
2. Fostering the capacity for self-control, psychological differentiation, personal agency, interdependence, interpersonal wisdom, and respect for authority.
3. Teaching people how to be happy, loving, productive, and wise.
4. Advocating the strengthening of traditional marriages, traditional families, and healthy institutions, as the essential ingredients for healthy communities.
5. Advocating what works, based on state of the art research rather than conventional wisdom.
6. Systems reform that frees helpers to be maximally effective.
7. Fostering the enlightenment principles of freedom, personal responsibility, neighborliness, and thrift as core communitarian competencies.
8. Honoring the positive power of the spiritual mystery of the helping relationship.

Join us:
We are a small group of revolutionary leaders that are willing to endure career risks to stand up for our principles. These are troublesome times for our professions and our communities. We wish to do battle with the destructive political trends and social realities that are making it more difficult for individuals, families, and communities to find happiness and success. We want to stand for righteousness and excellence as the spokespeople for common sense in the helping professions. We believe a common sense renaissance in our professions will stimulate a renaissance in our communities.

We are:
Licensed or unlicensed helping professionals who have at least a bachelor’s degree in a coaching or clinical discipline. Some teachers and professors may also wish to affiliate with us.

Membership in Coaches and Therapists for Common Sense will take courage. Join us if you would like to make a difference. This is a non-sectarian organization. Religious and secular people are welcome.

This group will begin as a virtual organization. Our first major group event will be a national conference in late 2016 that will feature key thought leaders from the change professions.

How Much:
Annual membership is $50.00. Donations are also accepted. Fees can be remitted via PayPal.


Organizer: Kevin Kervick, M.S., Possibilities Coach,


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