We should embrace common sense allies from Asia

I believe conservatives are missing an opportunity to bring new allies into the common sense movement. We should outreach directly to people from Asia as Progressives do, by pointing out how we share the same values and how the entitlement-based, victim coalition of the Progressive Movement is working against them

Our natural disdain for identity classifications might be hindering our ability to spread the message of freedom and personal responsibility. I will stray from our philosophy of individualism for just a bit and tread into the world of identity stereotyping.

I have the opportunity every day to meet people from all over the world at my job at Yellowstone National Park. Sometimes I serve them ice cream, or help them find merchandise. The diversity in our store is incredible! I find myself drawn to these hard-working families.

I love serving families from China, India, Japan, Korea, and Viet Nam. They exude high achievement, respect for others, family unity, and self-reliance. Their high-achieving children are being screwed by a race-based preference system that does not reward those qualities. The world is turning away from them. We should turn toward them and blend our energies to rebuild this great country. We are natural allies.


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