Anarchists, Progressives, and RINO’s pose different threats to the American Community

Three powerful political forces, Anarchists, Progressives, and RINO’s are assaulting the American Community in different ways.

Anarchists want no government at all – thus a utopian amalgam of cooperative tribes somehow voluntarily sharing the same limited resources. They block anything that has government in it – like municipal parks, sidewalks, and police forces. Thank God they will have their guns and pot after the revolution because they will need to be armed and high to survive.

Progressives want total government control, thus effectively eliminating the voluntary civil society. They see the American Community as a tattered old white guy guild that needs to be replaced by a new era of black guys, gays, and Mexicans. This Progressive mayor has it all figured out. Good luck with that.

RINO’s (Republicans in Name Only) are the vanguards of big business and banking interests. Their latest poster boy is getting all the cash he wants to keep the crony capitalist corporate welfare gig going. As long as they get their government cash and they can keep their Latin slaves they will spread a little around for the little people too.

Common sense conservatives envision an ordered community that has a vibrant civil society that is held together by just enough government and professionalization to keep it functioning. We believe our Founders had it correct when they created this imperfect place. We are not anti-government. We are not utopians. We support shared community spaces. We don’t hate white guys. We understand that massive central planning has never worked anywhere. Local autonomy is key. We distrust power in the hands of a few. We like our country. We like neighborhood banks and small businesses. We believe in self-reliance. We believe our community has the right to protect its identity and its borders. We believe in mommies and daddies raising their families. We believe in individuals and families acting together to create decent neighborhoods. We are the Silent Majority. We are common sense Americans.

Come on along.


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