We cannot therapize our way to world peace

The battle with Islam is not primarily about radicalization or individual psychology. Individually-oriented and usually well-intentioned TV psychologists and academic egg heads need to stop talking because they are distracting us from doing what is necessary to defend our civilization from dangerous ideologies. Of course individual psychology and family dynamics are factors, in every decision individual humans make. But as with the battle between capitalism and communism, this is a battle between ideologies that cannot coexist. “Radicals” are jumping on ideological trains that take them to projection and violence. This is a sociological, not a psychological problem

We will never be able to address every messed up psychological condition for every person to create a non-violent world. We cannot psychologize our way to world peace. We have been trying that for 60 years and we have failed. Indeed we have made the world worse. As with communism and fascism we must be culture change warriors.

We must use our systems knowledge to battle destructive ideologies.

This gentleman gets it. We need to listen to him and others like him.

We are forming a new group of helping professionals that intends to shift the focus from psychology to sociology and systems thinking from within our own ranks. We call it Coaches and Therapists for Common Sense.

Please consider joining us.


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