Tired eagles fly even when it might be easier to nest

Dear Readers: I have been through an awful lot of personal and professional challenges during these past several years. Some of the challenges have been public and some of them are private. During difficult times one can either retreat to safety and mediocrity or one can tap his resilience and move forward. If you are also in existential despair I hope you might think about joining me as we fight our way forward to create a better civilization for future generations. The world needs you.

I wanted to share my process with you as I continue my professional journey and embark on some exciting new directions. I complete my summer assignment in Yellowstone National Park on August 1. This has turned out to be far more hard work than sabbatical but it was amazing to be in Yellowstone for three months of my life. I am refreshed and ready.

I said goodbye to the craft beer world and turned our successful business over to my son, Brian. Craft Beer Cellar Nashua is thriving under his leadership. I am grateful that my 4th business start-up is a success.

I secured a place to live until the end of the year with some entrepreneurial guys in downtown Bozeman, Montana. If all goes well, a permanent relocation may be in the offing for 2016.

• I will be teaching non-traditional students in the University Studies Program at Montana State University. The seminar helps freshmen get connected at the University while learning critical thinking skills. The program administrators apparently value diversity because they hired me!
• The department directors have also asked me to serve as a student adviser.
• I am opening my Possibilities Coaching practice in downtown Bozeman. I’ll be amplifying my Deistic emphasis as this is a mountainous, spiritual place with a lot of creative sojourners, and also adding a unique coaching while hiking service. I will also specialize in coaching entrepreneurs and mentoring young men. I updated my website to include the changes.
• I established Bozeman Common Sense Community Builders and it already has 15 members. I will continue to offer common sense community building for groups around the country.
• I established, a national organization, Coaches and Therapists for Common Sense, as the first of its kind non-sectarian, professional guild for common sense conservative helping professionals. We are planning a 2016 conference that will highlight revolutionary thought leaders from the helping professions. We are an alternative for disillusioned helping professionals.
• I am seeking funding for the previous two culture change initiatives.
• I am continuing to write my blog, Kevin’s Korner, and to engage in conservative activism on social media.
• If I can find a forum in Montana I will continue my television show, Discovering Possibilities.
• I am working on my next book, Discovering Possibility: The Revolution for Virtue and Common Sense. In this volume I am utilizing the pamphleteer approach of Thomas Paine as I build on my previous work, Discovering Possibility: The Common Sense Conservative Manifesto (For Classical Liberals Too).

A new professional phase begins on August 2, 2015.

Thank you for sharing my process with me. I have a life to live and a brand to build. Carpe Diem!


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