Are lions more valuable than fetuses?

I am glad people are catching up to my thesis about animal obsession.

Animal worshipers are outraged when an animal is mistreated but apparently have no concern about unborn life. So, let me ask. Which is more valuable as a spiritual being? An unborn fetus or a full grown lion?

I wrote this in Discovering Possibility:

“There is another troubling trend in America about which I can only offer anecdotal support that I believe points to the deterioration of our culture. It seems that Americans are becoming increasingly obsessed with animals and pets. Across the political and sociological continuum, it seems that many folks are creating an equivalency between animals and humans, almost to the point of animal worship. This concerns me and may point to the extreme fragmentation of society such that people are craving unconditional and nonjudgmental bonds, like that which can be received from a pet. It points to loneliness too, where people may be seeking out pets for social contact because they are not talking to their neighbors. A more troubling explanation for the animal obsession may be the devaluation of our own species, such that people believe there is no moral or spiritual difference between humans and other animals. To this writer, this phenomenon speaks to societal devolution.”

Cecil is just a lion. He has no soul.


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