The common sense revolution is happenning now

How do we, Common Sense Conservatives contribute to the grass-roots citizen movement to restore the American community? We do it by fighting the revolution for virtue and common sense.

This is an excerpt from my 2011 book, Discovering Possibility: A Common Sense Conservative Manifesto (For Classical Liberals Too). I am using this excerpt in the Preface to my companion book in process, Discovering Possibility: The Revolution for Virtue and Common Sense.

Free Spirits for Truth and Common Sense

Our tactic is using evangelism for truth. We want to be both well differentiated and respectful and we especially want to reach people who are not often exposed to our message.

This is what the American Restoration Movement is all about and there are many of us out here in the trenches fighting for truth, and each doing what we can in our own spheres of influence to be carriers of that change energy. We are fighting some powerful and equally committed forces like the political Progressives, the social justice warriors, the gender feminists, the Marxists, the globalists, the cultural and moral relativists, the European Socialists, and many others who do not believe in Classical Liberalism. However, our numbers are growing and we believe we have the truth on our side. Therefore, we will stay the course until the restoration is complete, and the American community is restored to the original intention of the Founders. We see the process unfolding as below.

The Unfolding Process

I have written about how I believe individuals will be happier if they embrace freedom, personal responsibility, neighborliness, and thrift. More importantly, I believe our American communities will begin to prosper again when these principles return to the forefront of American life. In this chapter, I want to talk about ways that more people can rediscover these notions and how the community would organize itself differently to create more opportunities for the actualization of these values. As these values are embraced by more and more people, and particularly by people who have not previously been exposed to our American tradition, or previously had not seen themselves as connected to that tradition, I believe there will be a dramatic cultural shift in America. My hope is this book and our corresponding advocacy will inspire Common Sense Conservatives to continue to move forward with a tangible action plan in this important moment of opportunity. I also hope to convert others to join the growing movement.

Conservatives on the airwaves have teamed up with grass-roots citizen movements, using the new media to uncover the insidious socialist advances in the United States, a development that has aroused a counter-revolution in America that I have not seen in my lifetime. There is no stopping the counter-revolution because it is firmly grounded in classical liberalism and fueled by righteous anger. The election of a Progressive, Post-American President, Obama and his actions since elected are the impetus this quiet majority has needed to assert itself, and they will in the coming years. Change will happen quickly.

I would like to encourage my liberal friends in human services and academia or those that identify with the Progressive tradition because they have distaste for what they see as narrow-mindedness, to reconsider classical liberalism. We need you in the Restoration Movement.

The Progressives are using you to take the country off a cliff so they can rebuild a different nation. They are using the tools of cultural Marxism to co-opt the energy that you feel because of the cultural divide above to foster a trans-formative agenda, an agenda I do not believe you really want. I am especially speaking to my African-American, Gay, academic and feminist friends and colleagues who are a part of the pluralistic American community our Founders created. Please consider learning more about the American Restoration Movement, remain true to your core values, but also join us in deconstructing the Progressive Movement and restoring America.

We are at a tipping point in American history. As I wrote earlier, I believe the misguided election of President Obama will be the impetus the quiet majority in America needs to enact a bold, restorative agenda. As history tells us, it usually takes a bold action to create a counter-reaction and in this case, it has taken the election of an ideological Progressive President, who many see as uninspired by our traditional values, to usher in a rabid democratic pro-American-identity protest. People are waking up to the inspiration and the truth of the American Constitution and speaking truth to entrenched power. I am glad to be a part of that energy and hope this book will contribute to the cause of freedom.

I believe we can recreate the American community if we take some bold steps now and have the courage to follow through in the face of what will be very intense, perhaps even violent opposition from the keepers of the status quo. There are many people that have an enormous stake in the government-corporate oligarchy, and those folks will not step aside easily. They will need to be defeated by Common Sense Conservatives in an ideological and electoral war, a war that is already raging.

There is a sea of discontent sweeping across the land that longs for the America it used to know and love. That is the energy that is driving this Restoration Movement, a movement that is weary of illegitimate and misguided attempts to perfect our union. The people’s movement seeks to revitalize the spirit of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, a return to liberty, personal responsibility and reverence for Nature’s God.

Many citizens are learning about our national heritage for the first time and how far we are straying from the core beliefs of the great men that started America. These energized citizens are becoming fearful and angry as they realize we are losing our core identity. Those emotions are driving the desire to stand up and put a stop to the socialist slide.

Common Sense Conservatives must stand up and have their voices heard now in public forums, in the media, in social networking sites, and at the voting booth. This is how the restoration will occur – one conversation at a time, wherever the opportunity presents itself to change hearts and minds. We need to speak truth to power and act in the community interest rather than advocate for our limited self-interests. We must be exceedingly careful to avoid conflicts of interest that will diminish our message and compromise our integrity. At times, we will be advocating for things that will negatively affect our own bottom-lines. We need to stand for what is right and true. This effort is for our children and grandchildren.

In my way of thinking about this strategy, it means speaking up for freedom, personal responsibility, voluntary neighborliness, and thrift at every opportunity. When we assess situations as community leaders, we need to advocate courses of action we believe will lead to the advancement of these principles. That means thinking deeply about the ramifications of our actions so we can implement practices we believe will work. It means we will need to stand up to the inevitable peer pressure from status quo interests who resort to guilt tripping and fear mongering to get what they want. We must ignore the inevitable cries of racism and sexism and the claims that our advocacy will hurt children and other vulnerable people. We must see those accusations as political rhetoric intended to further the self-interests of people who are benefiting from the current illegitimate system or who want to transform America into a socialist state. We must offer sound arguments without bombast and monitor our own emotional reactivity. It will take considerable courage and a thick skin to speak truth to power as it always has.


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