Obama is an immature psychologist

President Obama has a fundamental misreading of human psychology and it is placing all of us at risk. Obama prefers the language of victimization instead of the language of containment. He fuels resentment instead of containing it.

This is my primary concern with this awful President. The leader of the free world should not be feeding victimization at home and abroad. He should be containing resentment via his demeanor and his statements.

To make matters worse, President Obama offers selective empathy. He has a preference for people of color and other minorities. He ignores the real concerns of middle class white people in the United States, thus accelerating their resentment.

Consequently we have an immature psychologist as President of the United States, who is exacerbating resentment on two fronts. His approach is exactly backwards. The baby psychologists that give him advice should have their heads examined – by competent psychologists.


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