Are Democrats capable of critical thinking?

The leaders of the Democratic Party have apparently completely lost their minds. It is as if they have fallen into a cult. Unbelievably, they are characterizing this radical Muslim attack on the United States as just another mass shooting in the United States.

NBC News is doing the same.

Are they delusional or sociopathic?

The San Bernardino incident was an attack by radical Muslims on the citizens of the United States. Period. It demands a response. This duo was an ISIS inspired sleeper cell in the United States that accumulated weapons in order to commit Jihad against us. We know from FBI reports that there are undoubtedly many more such groups in the United States that are waiting to act. We need a focused strategy to beat them.

What is our President doing? What are these Democratic Party leaders doing? More gun control to stop mass shootings. Are you kidding me? These people are either dangerously delusional or calculatingly sociopathic. In either case, their ideas are placing us at risk.

God help us.


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  1. Posted by Karen on December 4, 2015 at 12:18 pm

    This morning I wanted to write to the Today show and say “Just another day in the Middle East?” which they did not say when briefly mentioning the fire bomb thrown into a night club that killed at least 12 people….just as horrific if not MORE so. The cowards just threw it and drove off. Granted our broadcasters report on the US news primarily and probably don’t have as much info on the Egyptian terrorism – can I call it that? – but a lot of time was spent on Paris, so why not Egypt too? But the BBC reporter who started it by saying something to the effect of “just another day in the US” should also be called out. The US is a huge country unlike their little ones where if one event happens its like the one event in Colorado.

    And the newscasters could spend more time on all the firebombs and other killings in the Middle East too. The whole news could be spent on those events and we could then see how many are happening here vs. over there. And then we would tune out.

    Or here is a thought, stop reporting on all of these events period and only focus on positive news.


  2. Posted by Karen on December 4, 2015 at 12:21 pm

    There is nothing wrong with getting all the facts before blaming anyone but then one should not characterize it in either way. It’s all just words. Was it a mass shooting, yes. Did it happen in a workplace, so is it workplace violence, yes. Was it terrorism? apparently it depends on which definition you use but I’d go with what the husband of one of the victims said, it was terror for his wife.


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