Rhetorical revolution

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds” – Samuel Adams

Some of my friends and followers are angry at me for being so brash. They don’t like my politically incorrect insensitivity.

When we have millions of conservative Americans willing to support Donald Trump for president, despite his personal shortcomings and unproven conservative credentials, that is revealing something important about their state of mind. They are pissed! They are desperate! They are activated! When Donald Trump is un-invited from a conservative gathering and the un-inviter (an otherwise stalwart conservative voice) has his social media accounts flooded with angry protesters, that is saying something important about the state of mind of conservatives. They want to blow up the political system and all of the media entanglements associated with it. They understand that this fight is bigger than an election.

If we don’t fight the rhetorical revolution and start to win, others will seek violence.

Political correctness is the denial of reality that serves to empower one group or a series of groups over another. Political correctness is designed to shield minority populations from criticism while highlighting the offenses of dominant groups. Political correctness is thus a war on successful white men. Those men are understandably angry, and they are seeking conservative leadership.

Political correctness is exploited by political forces to silence their opponents. It is the primary tool used to advance cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism seeks to destroy the conservative values that buttress the American Community. Turning men into milquetoast breaks down the membranes that hold the American Community together.  It is insidious and effective. Political correctness is an assault.

Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina put it this way. She accurately described the conflict as a battle between conservatism and the Democratic Party that she believes is undermining the character of the nation. She is correct.

Millions of Americans want to fight back and they are looking for leadership. They are tired of complaining and whining. They are tired of civil discourse that gets nowhere. They are increasingly sick of Fox News and timid conservative media. They want action. They want Samuel Adams.

I try to mirror those emotions. I understand that cultural issues are at the root of the tension. Politics are downstream from culture. We must battle the culture war if we are to save the American Community. We cannot be timid.

The American Revolution had all sorts of different leadership personalities each with a different style and a role to play. We need all of them now in the rhetorical revolution.

Shaheen is the Sargent Schultz of the abortion industry

New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen revealed yesterday that she has not watched the undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress. Thus, she is a willing accomplice in a crime. She approves of the illegal and gruesome harvesting of fetal body parts for cash. She refuses to review information that could incriminate Planned Parenthood. She is an elected official with the power to decide which organizations get our tax dollars. She is refusing to do her duty.

There is another chance today. Every U.S. Senator and every U.S. Congressperson should be required to watch these videos.

The Progressive coalition functions on denial and stupidity. It needs to avoid truth and alter facts to advance its agenda.

Senator Shaheen is the Sargent Schultz of the abortion industry.

H/T Kimberly Morin

If we want therapsits we should stop calling them police

As I am observing the latest round of bad cop hangings in the national media, it seems to me there are some values-based differences that are leading to problems. We have most Americans believing that police officers are authorities that deserve respect. So, when they ask you to do something reasonable, you do it. Then we have a few subcultures, African-Americans and Anarchists, that apparently believe compliance is optional. In every bad encounter I have seen so far, the tension STARTS with the subject refusing to do something reasonable that a cop asks him to do or say – like May I see your driver’s license? or What is your name?

What is a police officer supposed to do if a person refuses to follow directions? What does his training tell him to do? My guess is, his training tells him to make people comply. Do we want to live in communities in which following orders from police officers is optional? I don’t. I want my fellow citizens to do what police officers tell them to do. If we want therapists policing the streets we should hire therapists and stop calling them cops.

Police are undoubtedly reacting to the loss of control they are feeling, given that we have so many anti-authority personalities running the streets.

So, in my opinion, the core social problem is anti-social behavior that stems from subcultures that teach disrespect for authority. Our first order of business should be to address the social conditions that are creating a disrespect for law and order, before we address police training methods that are leading to over-reactivity.

Martyr’s Prayer

I do not work hard to earn credit. I work hard because that is how I glorify you. Even though I endure some challenges, I am no more special or no more deserving of your praise than anyone else. I just am, and I do the best I can to live a good life.

I will try hard avoid to avoid resentment and the temptation to expect others to make up for what may otherwise be lacking in my life. I will find joy in simple pleasures, and know that better days are coming.

Are lions more valuable than fetuses?

I am glad people are catching up to my thesis about animal obsession.

Animal worshipers are outraged when an animal is mistreated but apparently have no concern about unborn life. So, let me ask. Which is more valuable as a spiritual being? An unborn fetus or a full grown lion?

I wrote this in Discovering Possibility:

“There is another troubling trend in America about which I can only offer anecdotal support that I believe points to the deterioration of our culture. It seems that Americans are becoming increasingly obsessed with animals and pets. Across the political and sociological continuum, it seems that many folks are creating an equivalency between animals and humans, almost to the point of animal worship. This concerns me and may point to the extreme fragmentation of society such that people are craving unconditional and nonjudgmental bonds, like that which can be received from a pet. It points to loneliness too, where people may be seeking out pets for social contact because they are not talking to their neighbors. A more troubling explanation for the animal obsession may be the devaluation of our own species, such that people believe there is no moral or spiritual difference between humans and other animals. To this writer, this phenomenon speaks to societal devolution.”

Cecil is just a lion. He has no soul.

Weak-thinking liberals love the ad hominem attack

Some of the smartest people in the United States must have failed a course in moral reasoning.

I will be teaching a course in critical thinking to college freshmen this fall, so I did a little research.

ad hominem: (of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.

If I oppose gay marriage because I believe it is a slippery slope to social chaos it does not mean I am afraid of gay people.

If I oppose illegal immigration and a chaotic US resettlement policy because I am concerned about the negative impacts of misguided multiculturalism it does not mean I hate immigrants.

If I value Euro-centric traditions and philosophies such as those emanating from the Age of Reason it does not mean I am ethnocentric.

If I believe there are positive and negative race-associated cultural patterns it does not make me racist.

If I believe men and women are different it does not make me sexist.

If I love my country it does not make me an imperialist.

If I speak honestly about any subject it does not make me mean.

We get this when Democrats do it. Some of them are opportunistic sociopaths. They know this tactic works. Some of them are suffering from the delusional thinking that comes from post-traumatic stress disorder, and they really believe this stuff. For others, this repetition is an illogical artifact of their public school educations.

But when Republicans engage in the ad hominem logical fallacy we have to wonder. Are they embarrassed to be associated with “creepy” conservatives? Are they closet liberals? Do they want to be accepted at cocktail parties? Are they afraid of the Shadow within?

Clear thinkers focus on facts and issues. The speak truthfully and assertively. They attack the argument, not the arguer.

Many liberals must have failed a course in moral reasoning. Some Republicans too.

Mad Max is NOT inevitable if YOU get involved

This latest mentally ill avenger who killed several people and wounded others at a Lafayette, Louisiana movie theater, apparently made a statement on social media that he believed the United States would be “Mad Max” in less than five years, a reference to the futuristic, anarchistic cult picture from 1979. While this gentleman may have been afflicted with a mental disorder, his dystopian viewpoint is shared by millions of Americans from across the sociopolitical spectrum.

I am not going to chronicle all of the economic, social, international, and political factors that may be coming together to lead many of us to believe the United States is coming apart. Indeed, those stories are all over the internet, and they are coming from reputable sources.

I believe this gentleman may have been correct, and I have believed this for many years. Our country, and indeed the world, is in serious trouble, as I chronicled on my July 25, 2014 show. I wrote this on Facebook several weeks ago.

This is anomie folks. Those of you that believe this is just a slump have your heads up your asses. The fall is upon us and the revolution is on. We are in an institutional, economic, cultural, moral, political, and spiritual crisis. The one bright spot: Small business is gaining more confidence. Common Sense Conservatives in small business will pull us out of this mess. They are the future. Everything else is dying.

Ron Paul has been telling Americans for years that they should prepare for an economic collapse. I know many anarchists that have already accepted the inevitability of the dissolution of the United States. Leftist “so-called” anarchists (really Marxist revolutionaries) have been fomenting violence in the hope that it could lead to revolution. The Wall Street Journal and other reputable sources have editorialized about the impending demise of the nation’s economy because of the Federal Reserve enabling the explosive national debt. The sources are endless.
Why is Donald Trump getting so much traction in the presidential race? Because conservatives realize we are in desperate shape and we need bold, assertive action to turn things around. They are even risking the upcoming election to push their preferred party to offer a bold platform for immediate change.

I have spent several years developing productive outlets for patriotic Americans that see Mad Max on the horizon and want to do something about it. That’s my message and it always has been. The country is deteriorating and we need to change course. These are the things YOU need to do about it. There is NO choice. You cannot hide because you and your family will be affected. I have done each of these things below and I encourage you to do the same. Do not allow your frustration to make you feel powerless. Do not succumb to the despair. Be an empowered American and use the civil society and the Democratic process to change the country for the better.

  • Strengthen your soul by grounding yourself in nature.
  • Get involved as an activist in person and on social media.
  • Start a blog.
  • Write a book.
  • Wake up your friends and family. They will hate you but you can’t let that dissuade you.
  • Motivate and support other activists.
  • Risk relationships.
  • Have courage.
  • Get involved in local, state, and national elections.
  • Take leadership roles in community organizations.
  • Become a conscientious objector.
  • Inspire through teaching.
  • Mentor young people.
  • Run for office.
  • Form community-building coalitions.
  • Start enlightened professional associations.

Act like an eagle:

Don’t try to fit in. Be an eagle. Act with authenticity, consistency, and integrity and watch what happens.

Most Americans are frustrated and angry. Many of us are dealing with the frustration by checking out. I am asking you to do something different. Get involved as a change agent. Do something productive. That’s my message. It is what I do. You should do it to. Mad Max does not have to occur if YOU get in the game to turn things around.

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