Rhetorical revolution

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds” – Samuel Adams

Some of my friends and followers are angry at me for being so brash. They don’t like my politically incorrect insensitivity.

When we have millions of conservative Americans willing to support Donald Trump for president, despite his personal shortcomings and unproven conservative credentials, that is revealing something important about their state of mind. They are pissed! They are desperate! They are activated! When Donald Trump is un-invited from a conservative gathering and the un-inviter (an otherwise stalwart conservative voice) has his social media accounts flooded with angry protesters, that is saying something important about the state of mind of conservatives. They want to blow up the political system and all of the media entanglements associated with it. They understand that this fight is bigger than an election.

If we don’t fight the rhetorical revolution and start to win, others will seek violence.

Political correctness is the denial of reality that serves to empower one group or a series of groups over another. Political correctness is designed to shield minority populations from criticism while highlighting the offenses of dominant groups. Political correctness is thus a war on successful white men. Those men are understandably angry, and they are seeking conservative leadership.

Political correctness is exploited by political forces to silence their opponents. It is the primary tool used to advance cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism seeks to destroy the conservative values that buttress the American Community. Turning men into milquetoast breaks down the membranes that hold the American Community together.  It is insidious and effective. Political correctness is an assault.

Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina put it this way. She accurately described the conflict as a battle between conservatism and the Democratic Party that she believes is undermining the character of the nation. She is correct.

Millions of Americans want to fight back and they are looking for leadership. They are tired of complaining and whining. They are tired of civil discourse that gets nowhere. They are increasingly sick of Fox News and timid conservative media. They want action. They want Samuel Adams.

I try to mirror those emotions. I understand that cultural issues are at the root of the tension. Politics are downstream from culture. We must battle the culture war if we are to save the American Community. We cannot be timid.

The American Revolution had all sorts of different leadership personalities each with a different style and a role to play. We need all of them now in the rhetorical revolution.


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