Kill the Patriarchal Witch

Warning: Jungian concepts below. If you are easily offended, do not read this.

The Earth Goddess has been dying a slow death for decades. Women are embracing the unnatural Patriarchal Witch instead. She is the hard-driving archetype that makes women ill. In so doing they are also killing off the Warrior Male with the help of a politically correct discourse that steals his power. Secretly, many women would prefer to be goddess to warrior in order to find more contentment, but society tells them to keep that wish private. Correspondingly, many men are reluctantly willing to slither away into nothingness in order to gain acceptance. It is easier. Thus the Witch thrives as civilization wanes.

The problem is that without the Warrior the United States is toast.

Society tells men to hide the Warrior. Political correctness emasculates him. They medicate him into oblivion with drugs for ADHD and depression. He becomes an alcoholic or a porn/video game addict instead, or he slinks into quiet desperation.

That was a brief primer on Jungian psychology. Author Marion Woodman brought these concepts into the Zetigeist in 1982 with the release of her great book, Addiction to Perfection. In that book, and later in the 1990’s as a partner to other Jungian writers in the Men’s Movement, Woodman encouraged women to find wholeness by rejecting the societal imposition of the Patriarchal Witch and embracing the Earth Goddess. She failed because the forces of political correctness and the Patriarchal Witches in radical gender feminism defeated her. They also killed the men’s movement. Society lost.

Those same Witches are alive and well in the modern Democratic Party. You can find them in large numbers in the abortion industry and as leaders in the LGBT activist community. They are not bad people. They are misguided.

We may be about to witness a rebirth of healthy men’s consciousness. The Patriarchal Witch may be experiencing a counter-attack. We shall see. I will be doing my part to shake up the status quo, not because I have any animus toward people that disagree with me but because I wish to build a healthier community.


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